• Have been sold on a green light
  • Have a purchase price for over $3000.00
  • Have Less than 160,000 Miles
  • Have the PSI purchased on the night of the sale
  • Not be an exotic vehicles (I.E. Landrover, Porsche, Etc.)

PSI Rate

$150.00 a Vehicle

Important Information

  • Includes Seven (7) days of coverage from time of Bid
  • Two Hundred (200) mile allowance from odometer reading at time of bid

Post Sale Inspection Description

The post sale inspection is an inspection performed the day after the sale by an expert mechanic. It is completely impartial and is subject to the auction's arbitration policies and procedures. It is designed to make it convenient for our customers who want a more thorough inspection of their vehicles.

  • It includes the mechanic's diagnosis of any issues the vehicle may possess if any (although this is opinion, it is in no way a guarantee).
  • If During the PSI an item is found to be subject to arbitration, then the vehicle would “Fail” post sale. In this case the vehicle would “No Sale” unless the buyer and seller would renegotiate.
  • If an item is found to be unsatisfactorily represented it is buyer's responsibility to contact the auction within seven (7) days after purchase date of the vehicle to arrange a follow up inspection (this includes frame disputes).
  • All Post Sale Inspections are subject to the Arbitration Policies and Procedures