Test Drive / Arbitration Procedure

  • Vehicles sold for more than $3000.00 and are sold under the green light qualify for a test drive
  • The pink buyers receipt is needed for taking the vehicle for a test drive (given on the block after purchase of the vehicle)
  • Present the buyer's receipt to the staff at the gate (they will keep it until the vehicle returns)
  • If on the test drive an issue arises that requires an arbitration the vehicle must be brought in front of the mechanic's garage
  • An arbitration form must be completed prior to arbitrating (available inside, please also inform the office staff so that they can contact the arbitrators)
  • The arbitration is subject to the policies listed below



  1. Motor knock, clutch or transmission slippage.
  2. Utilized body damage, frame damage (beyond superficial dents and scrapes), rotted out frame repair must be announced. Frame damage, rotted out or frame repair not announced, must be reported to the Auction within 7 (seven) days from the date of purchase, unless sold “AS-IS”.
  3. Air conditioning- If sold for more than $2,500.
  4. Any single mechanical defect which exceeds $500.00 (parts only, not including labor) to repair.
  5. Altered or removed emission equipment except catalytic converter.
  6. Any unit unsafe to operate on the highway.
  8. Title codes P, R, or X.
  9. All arbitration complaints must be filed within 1 (one) hour from bid in the arbitration office and get a decision there before leaving.
  10. No reverse must be announced including “AS-IS” sale.


  1. Trunk or Door keys.
  2. Vehicles with 200,000 miles are automatically considered "AS-IS"
  3. Inspection stickers, any front-end, brake or PA inspection problems unless determined to be unsafe by the Auction.
  4. Obvious visible body damage such as broken glass, upholstery or accident damage.
  5. Factory options including, Soft & Hard Convertible tops (except air-conditioning if sold for more than $2,500.)
  6. Minor leaking and wet transmissions or engine. Exception: Excessive pouring leaks on front wheel drive and four wheel drive units.
  7. Backlash, unless unsafe or front wheel drive.
  8. Engine smoke is considered visible and is not subject to arbitration.
  9. CV joints or boots on front wheel drives.
  10. No catalytic converter or exhaust.
  11. Noisy valves or lifters may not be arbitrated.
  12. Frame damage from normal use (scratches, jack marks, radiator supports) except current model year.
  13. Low air pressure.
  14. If the selling price is $3,000 or less, or the vehicle has 100,000 miles or more, or the vehicle is 10 years of age or older, vehicle automatically becomes sold “AS-IS” with all faults & no guarantees, regardless of condition light. It cannot be returned for any reason including: frame damage, cracked block and excessive rust.
  15. Units over 10 years old are EXEMPT from federal odometer disclosers. Disclaimers in mileage, for these vehicles, are not grounds for refusal. Not annoucing "EXEMPT" on the auction block is not grounds for refusal since any vehicle 10 years of age and older are considered exempt.
  16. Any and all information written on the windshield of vehicle is subject to error and none are valid cause for arbitration.
  17. In the event a dispute arises between LVAA and either Buyer and/or Seller beyond the scope of our arbitration policy, as the exclusive remedy the district justice assigned to Magisterial District #31-1-07 shall be the sole and exclusive court in which such disputes will be resolved, and no appeals shall be taken there from, despite statutory authority permitting appeals to or litigation in. In the event, LVAA is successful in such proceedings; the losing parties shall be jointly and severally responsible for paying all court costs and LVAA attorney fees.
  18. Hybrid Batteries are not subject to arbitration.
  19. Recalls are not subject to arbitration and are not grounds for refusing to complete sale/purchase transaction.
  20. Use/results of vehicle inquiries ( ie CarFax ) are not grounds for arbitration. All searches must be completed before bidding on vehicle. Information gained from a report can NOT be used in the refusal of vehicle purchase
  21. Title Code T
  22. Suspension (including air ride) not subject to arbitration
  23. Check Engine Light, Air Bag Light, ABS and Related Traction Lights (Considered A Visible Defect)