Required Documents

  • A Clear Title In Your Name
  • Valid Photo Identification (Driver's License)
  • $40.00 Registration Fee (Good for 2 consecutive runs; 1 Wednesday, 1 Saturday Runs)
  • $60.00 Registration Fee (Good for 4 consecutive runs; 2 Wednesday, 2 Saturday Runs)


  • Cash, Master Card, Visa, and Discover accepted. -- NO American Express.
  • Any method of payment used other than cash will incur a 5% Equipment fee.
  • We do not accept any type of personal check for deposits or payment.
  • We do not accept starter checks, credit card checks, or any checks NOT accepted by Equifax.

Vehicle Check In

  • Vehicles must arrive by 4:30 P.M. Wednesday or 10:00 A.M. Saturday to be guranteed a spot in the sale.
  • Preferably vehicles should arrive the day before an auction (Tuesday for Wednesday or Friday for Saturday).
  • Remember the buyers; we cannot list vehicles on our inventory that are not here!!!

Receiving Payment

  • Payment is issued via a guaranteed business check and is available as soon as the vehicle is paid for in full (typically the day of or a few days after the sale)

Selling A Vehicle - Procedure

  • You must have a clear title in your name. Photo ID is required. We DO accept Reconstructed Title (R Title), Salvage Certificates, and other title brands but the title condition MUST be announced prior to bidding. Should you not ensure the announcement of the title condition, your sale may be voided.
  • Bring the vehicle to the auction to begin registration (online registration is not available for public at this time). Please remove ALL personal effects from your vehicle, including your license plate, as the auction is not responsible for any items lost or stolen.
  • The office clerk will ask you for your title. We will also need your exact odometer reading, as you will be responsible for the correct mileage.
  • You must tell the auctioneer or office clerk how you wish to sell your vehicle. Use the Light System Guide to determine the condition of sale. You, the seller, are responsible for the accuracy of the information.
  • When your vehicle comes up for auction, stand by the auctioneer and tell him what price you want for the vehicle. Be honest with the auctioneer, he is there to sell your vehicle! If you cannot attend the auction, an auction sales representative can do this for you at no additional fee.
  • When the last bid is received, the auctioneer will confirm the highest bid with you. You have the right to accept or reject the bid. If you accept it, the vehicle is now SOLD and you cannot change your mind! Afterwords please report to the office to sign off on your title. If the vehicle sells, a seller's fee will be deducted from the proceeds check.
  • If your vehicle does not sell during the first auction run, you may re-run your vehicle at the 3 following auctions. If you want to take advantage of the full number of runs, the vehicle must be present for the next 3 consecutive auctions. If you skip attendance at an auction, you forfeit your run.