It is common knowledge in the Auto Industry that paint sells a vehicle. Discerning dealers are well aware of that fact and go to great lengths to prepare a vehicle for their customers.  Get the most Money for your vehicles by ensuring that they are properly prepared for sale.

Detailing is available Monday through Friday.

Standard Package

The current rate is $45.00 per Car.

Included in this package: Outside Wash, Acid Wheel Wash, Window Squeegee, Interior Vacuum, Interior Wipe Down, Interior Shine, Interior Window Cleaning, Tire Shine

Additional Services:

  • Spray Aqua Glow Wax Coating $10.00
  • Exterior Polish $20.00 - Applied with a Buffing Wheel
  • Hot Water Carpet Extraction – Varies Depending on Severity of Stains
  • Light Extraction - $15
  • Medium Extraction - $30
  • Heavy Extraction - $50

Auto body, paint correction, wheel painting, upholstery reconditioning is available through a subcontractor.

Please Call 610-435-5554 for additional information or to arrange services.